It is a sad day for both Neill Blomkamp and his fans.  And for anyone that the name doesn’t ring a bell for Neill Blomkamp is the director of the genre films District 9, Elysium, and Chappie.  It was announced on April 20th that Blomkamp’s latest project had failed to meet its funding goals and would have to be shelved for the time being.  Blomkamp had been working hard since 2017 to build Oats Studios, an independent film production company founded with the goal of building “a 21st-century studio that is funded directly by fans”. 


Oats Studios has already released at least 8 short films via their YouTube, Steam, and Facebook pages, all of astounding quality for where they came from and the price they were sold at (read: free).  The now canceled fundraiser was an attempt to turn one of their longer and more popular films, Firebase, into a feature-length film.  But sadly, according to Oats official Twitter account they didn’t hit their goal.






It’s a real shame too because Firebase is really good.  If you haven’t seen it already you can check it out here.  And if you are one of the wonderful people who decided to support Oats or Firebase, never fear.  As per the tweet “Oats will be refunding everyone who contributed completely”. 


Not only does this leave the fate of Oats Studio as a whole up in the air, but Blomkamp currently has no other directing roles announced.  So, for anyone interested in the future of Firebase, Oats Studios, and/or Blomkamp in general we’ll just have to keep our ears to the digital dirt in the hopes that some good news stumbles on by real soon.  As Oats Studios puts it “hang in there”.

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