Unbeknownst is a showcase of the best that the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror have to offer us.  A modern reincarnation of the old radio serial, Unbeknownst strikes a tone somewhere between War of the Worlds and The Twilight Zone with the modern trappings of Black Mirror streamlining the methodology behind r/nosleep and the greater first-person online horror craze behind it. 


Here, in this endless void of seething night where we come to commune on these topics most grim and awesome, we seek to mix together the best of everything that came before us by presenting the best of our inspirations to you, one by one, week after week; enlightening you to the possibilities that the human mind can find and force upon the world.

Each story has been personally handpicked from either the endless annals of the public domain or the burgeoning cesspool of today's various internets and lovingly reproduced in audio form by our humble nocturnal narrator, Trent Ryan Katzenberger, who slips a piece of his own into the mix once every month or so.

We are just beginning this project so reviews and shares mean the world to us; if you enjoyed what you heard this evening, return to us next week to see what magnificence and horrors await the fascination of your consciousness in the next episode of Unbeknownst.

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