Trent Ryan Katzenberger writes what George R.R. Martin's dad would have called "the Weird Shit".  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Weird, Speculative, Genre; whatever you want to call it, here, you will find all of my fictional works. 


My goal is to get some new writing in your hands and on this website every other month, tops.  My main focuses are Weird Shit of the South, new horror stories for r/nosleep, Fantasia Paranoia and, eventually, That Electric Christmas Glow.

Please note, I am very bad with time management and guestimating when I will have things done.  I want to try and be consistent so that people can actually get invested in what I do hence the whole every other month thing, however, that is the best estimate I can manage at the moment.  I will try super hard to get SOMETHING up every few months. I can never really be sure what it will be though.  To be notified anytime I post something new follow me on Twitter and if you would like to see what I've been working on and how it's going, check out my Patreon, where I try to post an in-depth work status update at least once a month.


If you just want to get right into it, click on Check Out What's New for the words most recently off the digital presses or if you'd like to get a glimpse into what I'm currently working on, pay a visit to the Coming Soon section.  If you visit The Graveyard you can check out the various projects I am no longer putting work into.  And, of course, see Links and Contact Info if you want to check out my accounts around the rest of the internet or even, maybe, drop me a line.

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Murder Day is a short science fiction story, set in a very near future world where the Roman Empire never quite fell and America as well as the Western World as we know it rolled those philosophies and traditions even deeper into their own cultural substrate.  This leads our protagonist to face the end of another dreary and lonesome year fawning over his only friend and not so secret love interest as she struggles with her serious depression and suicidal tendencies as the gigantic year ending behemoth of a holiday, Murder Day, looms ever nearer. 

Murder Day is a story about two sad youths struggling against their own issues and those they have with each other in addition to running up against societies unwillingness to change and the grinchy feelings that the more corporate side of the real world holiday season can engender in people.  There is some discussion of suicide and societally accepted violence in addition to touching on the right to die debate and general themes of sadness and depression.

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In Fantasia Paranoia we see the United States after it has been subsumed by & converted into a branch of the authoritarian religious monopoly that now dominates the world, the Latter Day Church.  We follow Kumail & Brother as they try & save their children from death & corruption & the descending dystopia, each striving to save what they can & make a better world for their children.

Fantasia Paranoia is a speculative fiction serial that was initially intended to be my first novel, however; after much consideration and reworking, I have come to realize that Fantasia Paranoia works much, much better as something serialized.  Parts 1 thru 3 are already up and part 4 is underway.  The Coming Soon section will be updated when Fantasia Paranoia is ready to be brought into the more regular writing rotation, so check back on occasion if the story so far piques your interest.

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How could someone with a disease that requires constant medication survive in a post-apocalyptic America, destroyed by an all-encompassing civil war?

Running Since The Pigs and Poppies is a first-person speculative fiction narrative that takes a look at how difficult it would be to survive a post-apocalyptic (or even a normal) civil war if you have a disease that requires non-stop medicine.  It is based on speculations between my father-in-law and myself about how difficult surviving something like this would be for either of us.  My father-in-law has his bones growing in the wrong place and requires constant painkillers and I am a type one Diabetic that would die horribly in a week tops without insulin, so neither of our chances look great in even a Syria type situation, let alone something more akin to Mad Max.  Running Since the Pigs and Poppies is a rough approximation of what our chances might look like.

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Still Killing is a very bloody fantasy story based on an old internet copypasta.  You might have read it before.  My version goes a little something like this:

Deep in the woods, the quemer have fought unending wars since times misremembered. Long before man was even capable of waging wars, the quemer fought each other endlessly, and now with man's last gasp of irradiated air, the Quemer are somewhere out there in the woods, still killing.

Basically, it is a short story beginning to stretch that definition wherein some elven rangers conduct a  spy mission deep behind enemy lines as mysterious explosions blast the horizon. It is quite violent and I learned a lot of good lessons from creating it.  

With this one more than all of my other work, I encourage you, if you think you can do it better, please take the concept and run with it.  I got the idea from a not unknown copypasta after all, so this one barely belongs to me.

A Brief Interlude:


An Ant's An Ant

If only an ant could learn to dance it would be like you and me.

                   It would go back to its house, its home, and ask to be set free.

The rest would talk amongst themselves and quickly all agree;

An ants an ant even if he can dance and that's all he'll ever be.

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A direct response to A Quiet Place, Whisper My Screams tries to take that films basic concept and expand upon it. 


Taking place on an Earth haunted by extra-dimensional monsters, creatures that prey on humankind, listening in on our little world from beyond the veil that separates our realities, consuming any thinking creature that dares to make itself known through noise;

we find Schwi, a young woman who is at her wit's end, driven mad by the constant need to remain as silent as humanly possible. 


Looking for some sort of reprieve, she has been thrown into the medical machine, passed from doctor to doctor until she finds herself near the breaking point with no real solution in sight.  Depressed and unhopeful, she sits on the exam table, awaiting the arrival of yet another useless medical practitioner.

This long-winded screed, posted anonymously online, was seemingly intended as a warning. Be wary of anything given and be careful with those dearest whom you might wish to keep.


If something as small as fast food gone awry can drive the author to such unthinkable and yet altogether human acts then, what are the chances that this could happen to you?

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